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About us

OMZ srl was founded in Bedizzole in 1987 with the idea of continuing the passion for mechanics handed down from father Renato to his sons Guido and Mauro.

During more than 30 years of history, the company has been able to establish itself as a machining leader in various sectors, supplying the major market leaders with high quality machined components, following a continuous path of growth, technological innovation and care for product quality.

OMZ - Azienda

Dynamism, precision and quality.

Dynamism, precision and quality are the characteristics that have enabled OMZ to establish itself in key sectors of the economy as a supplier of complex parts in the business of transmissions, textile machinery production, automotive, earth-moving machinery, cardan shafts and in recent years also components for hydraulic cylinders.


Organisation and speed

In its current plant in Via Caselle, it exploit the area of almost 6000 square metres to locate its departments, which are highly organised with the latest generation technologies. This allows the management of incoming and outgoing materials with a precision that stan out it in its sector, guaranteeing total traceability to the customer even during the production phases, connecting more than 20 machines and robotic islands located in its production department to the management IT system.