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The wide and well-assorted range of machines allows the most complex machining of parts according to the customer’s design, starting from steel mouldings, cast iron castings or rolled bar.

The turning department can count on both vertical and horizontal lathes, motorised and in some cases served by anthropomorphic arms that allow a wide range of sizes.


In the milling and drilling department, moreover, machining operations of considerable complexity are completed using ISO 40 and ISO 50 machines, again with the aid of robotic islands that allow larger production batches.

The department is also completed by a cutting area for laminated bars, a broaching machine for the internal hobbing of components and a washing machine that allows the parts to be supplied with the degree of cleanliness required by the customer.

Components for cylinders

Over the last few years OMZ has acquired specific know-how in the production of components for hydraulic cylinders, which has enabled it to develop a market with its own product that can guarantee quality and service for all european hydraulic cylinder manufacturers.